News Letter

Mrs. Crittenden / Miss Tammy                      First Grade 3/26/2021

Weekly Reminders:

Friday March 26th:

  • Pick up/ drop off packets

  • Report cards are being sent home in folders

  • Class Color Day Wear Green!

Practice!  Practice! Practice!

  • Grab a handful of coins/ name them/ say their value/ add the coins up. How much in all? 

  • MATH: Double facts and /Doubles +1/ Clock review/ dividing a whole into equal parts. 

  • Now is your time to build fluency in reading. Read, read, read! Talk about the story in sequence. What happened first, next, and last. Was there a problem? How was it solved?

  • Practice high frequency words, so they become automatic when you read. Knowing these words will increase fluency in reading.

  • Find your 100 chart: pick a number/ what’s 10 more/ ten less 

  • Place value: Know where to find the ones, tens, hundreds place

SCIENCE: Life cycle of the salmon

Social Science:  Past, Present and Future

Artist: Kandinsky... Everything starts with a dot!  He thought of color as music 🎶

  • Zoom AND  In-class: Monday- Friday  8:30-1:30 

  • Monday Music 10:30

  • Tuesday Ms. Katie 2nd Step 1:00

  • Zoom parent check in with any questions 2:00pm M-F

  • Please log onto Happy Numbers and Headsprout websites

  • 9:00 Assembly  Friday

  • 9:15 First grade Zoom Class check in 

  • 10:30 Friday Spelling Test

If you are traveling out of the area, the school's policy is for a 14 day quarantine upon returning home. If you have questions, call the office and ask to talk with Mr. Wallace.


Mrs. Crittenden

First Grade, Fieldbrook, School

Fieldbrook Market is offering school lunches. Lunches MUST be ordered 24 hrs in advance! Please let the office know.