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October 1, 2019


Dear Room 8 Families,

The year is moving along quickly and it is already October. After a terrific start to the year, we are now getting into the heart of our curriculum. In Language Arts, we are focusing on paragraph writing in the Informative Text style. We are honing our skills for our weekly Current Events, Questions of the Week, and various other research projects on Hispanic Heritage Month and Literary Response. Our first monthly Book Project is complete and we will be starting our next book, Tuck Everlasting. With this project we will focus on the rich vocabulary in the novel with weekly Vocabulary Quizzes along with Comprehension Questions. We will continue learning about sentence structure and punctuation which will assist with our twice per week DOL activities and essay writing.

In History we are continuing our study of the Fall of Rome with a number of assignments that include a webquest, a video packet, a Latin Dictionary, a detailed map of the region, and a Roman Mythology Storybook. This will culminate in our Roman Museum with handmade artifacts to share with the whole school.

In Science we are learning about cells and their organelles. We will then be examining the function of these organelles and finish with a compare and contrast essay about the similarities and differences between plant and animal cells.

Please note, I will be updating my announcements monthly to give you an overview of what we are learning in Room 8.