Principal's Message

Updated Welcome Back Letter 2/26/2021




November 18, 2020


Dear Fieldbrook School Community,


Over the past few weeks we have seen a sudden increase in COVID-19 across the nation, state, and county. With that rise, our county has moved from the CA Department of Public Health Yellow Tier (minimal risk) to the Red Tier (substantial risk).


Our local Public Health department has issued an advisory restricting travel and gatherings during the holiday season in hopes of limiting the spread of the virus. Furthermore, Dr. Teresa Frankovich, Humboldt County Health Officer, gave the following recommendation to all Humboldt County Schools today:


“At this time, Humboldt County Public Health is strongly recommending that schools move to distance learning for the 14 day period following the Thanksgiving holiday. Although schools have done a remarkable job of implementing preventive measures to promote safety in on-site education, we anticipate a marked increase in local infections due to travel and gatherings occurring around Thanksgiving. This would threaten rapid identification and containment of cases, leading to increased transmission in the school setting.”


We will continue to follow the guidance and recommendations of our County Health Officer. School will transition to FALCON ACADEMY FOR ALL starting Monday, November 30, 2020. Teachers will communicate with their families regarding schedules and packet and materials pick-up times. If we move out of the Red Tier (and/or our numbers are trending down), we may return to in-person instruction the week of December 14th. 


I know this is not what some were hoping to hear. We should all be proud of the way our staff, students, and families have made a safe and successful return to campus and we look forward to welcoming students back to in-person instruction at the appropriate time. Please remember that you can help us be together at school by modeling social distancing, mask wearing, hand washing, and limiting travel/gatherings during the holidays. If you do travel, please adhere to the updated guidance released to Humboldt County residents yesterday.


We appreciate your continued support. Stay safe and enjoy the holiday.


Best wishes,

Mr. Wallace





Distance Learning Announcement 8/2/2020


Message for 2020/21 Families



Parent Zoom Meeting 4/2/2020 @ 6PM

March 5, 2020

Dear Fieldbrook Families,

Over the past 7 weeks you have been asked to provide educational support to your children while
sheltering-in-place and limiting your interactions with friends, family and the greater community. This
has been a difficult time and I want to thank you for your diligence and perseverance in helping to
keep our community safe.

I am proud of our staff’s quick mobilization to connect with families and students within the first weeks
of the school closure. We set a standard in the county that many districts followed. Fieldbrook School
continues to adapt our distance learning model to meet the emotional, social, and academic needs of
students and support our families while also navigating the guidelines from state and local
governments. This is not always easy and we appreciate your patience and flexibility.

The district will continue to support families by offering social/emotional support for students and
parents through our school counselor Katie Allen and by providing sack lunches
available for pickup between 11am-12pm Monday through Friday until June 11.

We are looking forward to the next six weeks of the school year and all of the learning still to come.
Students, their families, and the school each play a part in continuous active learning during this
extended closure.Teachers will continue to challenge students to demonstrate learning and effort. We
expect students and families to engage to the extent that they are able.
Student Role in Active Learning
● Connect with teacher, support staff, and peers
● Participate in digital classrooms and complete lessons and/or activities
● Work independently when needed on tasks and assignments
● Do my personal best
● Take frequent breaks
● Stay active and creative
● Help and support family with chores and responsibilities
Teacher Role in Active Learning
● Develop distance learning lessons for all students designed to sustain grade-level progress
● Distribute weekly activity packets to be picked up at school or accessed through the school
● Offer daily digital instruction to all students via Zoom meetings
● Maintain a variety of activities and opportunities for engagement to suit the range of interests
and abilities in each class
● Provide individual and small group instruction based on student needs
● Provide instructional resources for independent, self-paced learning such as Khan Academy
assignments, Headsprout lessons and Spelling City activities
● Communicate regularly with students and families via email and telephone calls
Family Role in Active Learning
● Ensure that a connected device and internet access are available at home (for assistance,
contact the school at 707-839-3201)
● Make sure students can access their digital classroom for daily instruction
● Offer help and positive feedback for assignments and tasks completed
● Support children’s emotional well-being by encouraging play, creativity, independent reading,
exploration, and time outdoors
● Monitor the time spent engaging in activities online and offline
● Visit the school website for up-to-date information
● Maintain communication with teachers and school support staff as needed
While we are not requiring completed work to be turned in to the school, teachers will be assessing
student progress as demonstrated through their engagement in the digital classroom and/or other
activities. We encourage students and families to share what they have been learning with their
classroom teachers. Fieldbrook School celebrates active learning of all kinds!

Teachers will not assign traditional grades for the third trimester of the 2019-2020 school year.
However, all students will progress to the next grade unless the family and teacher have decided
otherwise. At the end of the school year, report cards will be sent home with a school-wide COVID-19
designator to indicate the unique circumstances that may have affected a student’s progress.

I continue to be impressed by the effort and dedication from our students, their families, and our staff
to engage in continuous learning! Keep up your incredible work! I look forward to seeing all of you in
the near future and long for the day that I can greet students and parents on campus.

Take Care,
Mr. Wallace

April 2, 2020

Dear Fieldbrook Families,


I would like to thank all of you for your patience and support as our school continues to navigate these uncharted waters in response to the presence of COVID-19 in our greater community.  In yesterday’s press conference, Governor Gavin Newsom, with the backing of State Superintendent of Schools Tony Thurmond, shared the expectation that all school districts in California will continue to be engaged in distance learning for the remainder of this school year in an effort to further prevent the spread of COVID-19.  I have consulted with the Humboldt County Office of Education (HCOE), other local school districts, and Public Health Officer, Dr. Teresa Frankovich, who has advised all school districts in Humboldt County to follow the Governor’s recommendation and plan for continued closure of facilities through the end of this school year. 


According to Dr. Frankovich, “The situation is changing quickly and there is increasing evidence as we look at impacted areas across the country, that aggressive social distancing can significantly help to slow transmission of this infection. Maintaining distance learning and keeping school facilities closed through the end of the school year, will allow schools and families to plan appropriately.  Schools are critical in assisting Public Health in emphasizing the importance of shelter in place and social distancing. We are thankful for their proactive efforts.  Schools and Public Health will continue to monitor the situation and should circumstances allow for an earlier return to school, we will make that decision together.”


Though our campus at Fieldbrook will remain physically closed, our students’ learning and teachers’ instruction is not ending.  We are embracing this new challenge of providing distance learning opportunities to our families for the remainder of this school year.  We understand that every family is under unique and challenging circumstances at this timeWe are all learning how to effectively take care of ourselves while continuing to serve our learning community to the best of our ability. We are still here for our students and are learning more each day how best to connect and engage with each of them.  The school and our families are partners in this effort. We appreciate your understanding and support as we build our distance learning program together. 


As we enter this new phase of extended school closure, we will continue to provide paper packets and other materials on Fridays. Please visit your child’s classroom website for updated assignments and other resources.  Families may borrow school-owned Chromebooks as needed. In addition, we will be happy to assist with Internet access. Please contact the office with any technology concerns. Our outstanding music programs are offering enrichment opportunities and Zoom sessions for students to continue learning. Along with many other sites in the county, we are also providing meals for families in need. If you have not already done so, please contact me if you would like more information about these services.


Last night the state released new guidance on gradingassessment, and accountability. As we determine how these guidelines affect our distance learning program, we will keep you informed about changes regarding classroom expectations moving forward.  We will do our best to adapt to this fluid situation.  While we recognize how important it is for our students to participate in distance learning opportunities aimed towards meeting grade-level standards, our primary goals remain the safety and well-being of our students, families, and staff


Please continue to follow the Shelter in Place orders, practice social distancing, and continue to routinely hand wash and clean frequently used surfaces.  Thank you for doing your part to help flatten the curve locally.  Please know that we have your families in our thoughts at this most difficult time.


Please do not hesitate to contact me via email with any questions or concerns.  Stay safe and be well!



Justin Wallace





March 20, 2020


Fieldbrook School Community,


Last night, the School Board unanimously voted in favor of my request to close school through April 10, 2020. We will update you on our closure status should it be extended beyond that date. At this time, the soonest school would reopen is April 20, 2020 immediately following the scheduled Spring Break. The school website remains the best source of information.


As a school, we continue to focus on 3 main priorities: community connection, educational resources and support, and food services.


Community Connection

Each of our teachers has set up a daily digital Zoom meeting to facilitate connections between students and our staff while they are out of the classroom. We encourage students and their families to attend at least a portion of their classroom’s daily 2-hour video chat. Please refer to classroom webpages for specific times and visit the Zoom Information page on our website for instructions on accessing this technology. Teachers and staff are available through email and by calling the school at 839-3201. Continue to join us on Instagram (@fieldbrookschool) and Facebook (@fieldbrookschool).


Educational Resources and Support

Visit the school website and click on “CLASSROOMS” to access each teacher’s resource page. The resource page includes digital copies of activity packets and recommendations for enrichment activities and websites. If you need a paper-copy of your child’s activity packet or school supplies to assist in their learning, the school will be open tomorrow, Wednesday, March 18 from 9-12. All packets are in the office. If you choose to come onto campus, please respect social distancing norms and avoid lingering on campus. We also ask that students remain in vehicles and that adults pick up the packets in the office. If another time/day is more convenient for you to pick up materials, please call the office.


Food Services

Lunches are available for pickup M-F from 11am -12pm at the school. Any person under the age of 18 may pick up a grab-and-go lunch at the school. Lunches must be taken off campus to eat. If making the drive to Fieldbrook causes a burden, many districts throughout the Northern Humboldt area provide the same service. Any child can pick up lunch from any location.


We are all adjusting day-by-day as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to shape our daily lives. As the state provides more guidance to schools, we will do our best to make adjustments that have the least impact on your daily lives. We will continue to bring you updated information as it becomes available. We are all in this together so we appreciate your continued support and patience.

Take Care,

Justin Wallace