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Ms Troyer's 4th & 5th Grade Math

4th Grade: 
Module 1:
  • Place Value
  • Rounding
  • Algorithms for addition and subtraction
Current topic: building conceptual understanding of place value in the base ten number system from ones to one millions.
 We will have a quiz on Friday, September 23rd of the concepts studied so far. Thursday will be a review day.
Homework Resources:
Here is a link to a library of videos that align with our 4th grade curriculum there are videos that summarize each lesson of our exact curriculum, as well as other supplemental videos that follow the topic of each lesson.
Homework club! It's FREE and Mondays-Thursdays after school. is a wonderful (FREE) online resource for students to receive interactive, visual practice. Zearn is a part of Eureka Math (our main curriculum) so it lines up perfectly with our topics. We are currently in Mission 1, topic B.
5th Grade:
Module 1: Place Value and decimals
Current topic: building a conceptual understanding of place value from thousandths to millions and basic decimal operations, exponents, and metric conversions.
We will have a quiz on Friday, September 23rd, covering the concepts we have studied so far this year. Thursday will be a review day.
Homework Resources:
Homework helper sent home with students
Homework club! It's FREE and Mondays-Thursdays after school. 
Zearn is a free resource (you will need to make an account) that is part of our math curriculum, where you can access interactive lessons that line up with our topics. Currently, 5th grade-Unit 1- topic A- lessons 1-4 include great interactive practice and explanations of the concepts we are currently studying. 
Homework Club is running! Monday through Thursdays from 3-4:30, students can attend this study-hall with Mrs. Broadman for FREE. I highly recommend this wonderful opportunity to have a designated homework time with a teacher there to answer questions. 
YAY MATH! It's fun to learn and grow. Math doesn't need to be stressful or tear inducing, so my advice to parents if their student becomes too frustrated with math homework- PUT IT AWAY and breathe! My goal is to empower students to feel confident in their problem solving abilities and mathematical reasoning skills. 
If students are not able to complete the homework assigned to them that night, please have them bring it to school the next day for additional support. If unable to finish, students will have the chance to review concepts and then compete it for full credit. Homework should not be a fight with your child. I would like them to do as much as they can on their own, asking for help only if needed. 
Structure of math periods:
  • warm-up/ review of homework
  • hands-on, student centered instruction
  • independent practice
Independent practice in class will be labeled as "homework", it will only be actual homework if it is not completed in class, which is the goal! Students will be provided with a "homework guide" for themselves and parents, and are always encouraged to look back at their own notes.