2nd Grade


March 24, 2023

Hi Families,

Oh, my!  We have amazing artists in this classroom! The students had the choice to complete a bird drawing native to our area for Godwit Days! I am so pleased to say Wren and Jordan earned honors.  Congratulations!

Monday is Pajama Day!


Our steelhead are continuing to grow well. But, the larger ones are eating the smaller fish. So, we shall see just how many of the small ones survive. Oh, my!

Happy Birthday to June and Esme this week!


Thank you! 

Mrs. Valley


 What we are learning:

Language Arts: Theme 5 – Patterns of Change in our World

Phonics – words ending in y sounding e as in puppy

Math: 2 digit regrouping with subtraction 

Social Studies: Black History Month

Science: Pumpkin Jack!  Steelhead Science Log books!  Life cycle of the Salmon/Steelhead  

Growth Mindset: Doing your personal best

Art: Winter projects celebrating the season! 


Looking ahead:

*Violin class on Tues./Thurs.

*Music Class Mon./Wed.

*African Drum class Fri.

*5/6th Study Buddies Tues.

*2nd Step Friday



Cheryl Valley
2nd Grade Teacher
Fieldbrook Elementary School




























blue heron




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