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Ms Troyer's First Grade

  • Please return Friday folders on Monday with the previous week's reading log. 
  • Some parents have asked if their child can leave their water bottle in the classroom over night. Absolutely! Please write your name on your child's bottle and it is welcome to stay at school.
This week: Sept. 12-16
Watercolor exploration based on the book Hannah is my Name as we continue our unit on families around the world. Students have been working on painting their own interpretation of the famous Lombard St. in San Fransisco after Reading a beautiful story about a girl who's family immigrated to the U.S.A. from China in the mid 20th century. 
Students will continue to work with Mrs. Valley to conceptualize different ways to represent numbers. We have been solidifying our calendar math routine, and this week, we celebrated our 10th day of school and discussed place value.
ELA/ Phonics:
Now that we have practiced each facet of our Daily 5 ELA exercises, we will focus on building independence with literacy centers as we continue to discuss families in personal, community, and multicultural settings. 
Social Studies:
We are going to blend the themes of family and teamwork this week as we are learning how to work together as a whole class. Social studies is integrated into our ELA practices and morning meetings every day. The priority in social studies at the moment is our social-emotional growth and development, which unfolds throughout every day.
This week, students will design a fun experiment around aging apples. We will discuss and explore the scientific process, making predictions, and writing reflections after the experiment. 
Newsletters and our class photo album are emailed out to parent emails on file. If you have not received an email from me, you can email me at [email protected] to update your contact info, or fill out updated contact info on the parent survey sent home in your student's Friday folder the first week of school. 
Important upcoming dates:
  • Monday, September 12th- Board meeting 5:30-7. Zoom link on the school calendar
  • Saturday, September 24th- Wine and Art Festival
Class Wish List
For parents who are wondering or have asked about our classroom supply needs, here is a list of donation items that would be particularly useful in the classroom:
  • Reusable water bottles 
  • Used children's books
  • Art supplies
    • water color pencils
    • water color paper
    • tissue paper
  • Clean, small stuffed animals (reading buddies)
Additionally, here is an Amazon wishlist with specific books and classroom items if you would like to donate. 
Class Wish List